The Dreaded First Post

My life revolves around three things: God, Elian, and Lexi. I’d like to say that rotation is always in that order, giving just the right amount of time and attention where it is due. But I’d be lying. And you’d know it.

Most of you can guess that my sweet little girl, who’s almost 15 months old, receives most of my energy throughout the day. So most of what I write will be about her. The other two desires of my heart, God and Elian, may pop up occasionally, although I’m pretty sure my husband would prefer comments about him kept to a minimum.

I’m not sure how often I will find myself with both the time and the energy to write, but I’ll do my best.

As for now, Lexi is throwing plastic balls at me, which is her way of telling me to come play. See you later!


3 thoughts on “The Dreaded First Post

  1. I love it! I promise the first post was going to be the hardest… I believe as you spend more & more time as a stay at home mom, you'll be thankful for this outlet. Let the reading & writing begin. You already made my page as a blog I read. 🙂 Love you! And am so thankful for you, my friend.

  2. Elian says “how about a different picture of me?” Kelly says “your wish is my command”:) New pic has arrived. Now that’s a wife that wants her hubby to be happy. yay. 🙂

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